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The Flory/Flora/Florey/Flohri Family Trees


This site has twenty five distinct family trees listing a total of 11,700 individuals. Nine are from the USA, one from Australia, three from England, nine from Germany, and three from Switzerland. They can all be accessed from the FloryFamilyTree link at the top of every page. They range in size from a few individuals where little information is available to over 7,500 in the USA E-Line. The home page of each family tree contains a description of who is included.

Site Navigaion

There are several master indexes accessible from the menu at the top of this page. Their content spans all twenty-five of the family trees. The SiteSurnameIndex is a single page listing each of the 2,600 surnames in the family trees and how many times it occurs. Each surname links to the place on the page in the site index where that surname's listing begins. The SiteNameIndex lists each page of the site index showing the first and the last person on that page. The individual site index pages, which must be accessed using one of these two links, contain one entry for each individual. The entry shows the person's name, their birth and death dates if available, and the family tree where they appear. Finally there is the MasterSiteIndex which is a single page with one line for each of the 11,700 people listed on the site. It is designed to be searched using the search engine built into all web browsers. This functionality is usually accessed using the [Ctrl+F] key combination.

Family Tree Navigation

Each family tree contains several indexes to help find individuals.

The Name Index contains every individual in the family tree in alphabetical order grouped by last name. It includes their dates if available. The Surname Index lists all the surnames in the tree and the number of entries for that name in alphabetical order. Clicking on a surname jumps to the top of the Name Index for that family.

The Master Index lists all the Name Index pages showing the first and the last individual included. It is easy to navigate from either the Surname Index or the Master Index to an individual in the Name Index and then to their entry in the family tree.

The Places index shows all the places identified in the family tree and has links to all the people with events associated with that place. It may also show many of the events in the tree.

The Charts index shows all the custom charts that have been created for the family tree. These usually include a chart of the descendants of the progenitor of the line and the ancestors of important members of the family.

The top menu of each page also contains a link back to the FloryFamilyTree and to this Help page.

Person Pages

The primary information in the family tree is contained on the Person Pages. There is an entry for each individual in the tree. The life history of the person is encapsulated using events, dates, and links to parents, children, places, images, exhbits, and other facts and information as available.