St. Ilgen is one of five or six towns in which the Flory name appears that are located between Birkenau to the North and Schopfheim, which is just across the Swiss Border, to the South.  Birkenau was the home of Hans Flori, who emigrated there around 1650.  His great grandsons, Johannes, George, and Adolph were the three brothers who immigrated to America in 1754.   According to Eunice Fletcher, the current Flori/Flory families in St. Ilgen, a town in the corridor between Ellmendingen and Birkenau, believe that their ancestors were Huguenot refugees from France to Switzerland. It is tempting to speculate that all of the Flori families along this corridor were related and that all were Huguenots.  Still, family tradition is often suspect, and the term "Huguenot" is often used rather generally. While some other minor connections have been made among the Flori families in these towns, the Kirchenbuchs in these towns generally do not go back far enough to make larger connections. 

      A Johann Heinrich Flori from this family in St. Ilgen immigrated to Australia on a ship named the Catteaux Wattell in 1855 along with his cousins, Johann Jacob Flory and Jacobina Flory and his sister,  Anna Maria Flori (born 1824) and  her husband, Frederick Stecher. When Frederick died, Anna married Jeremias Seyffer in 1861. Johann Heinrich Flori's descendants are still living in Australia today along with those of his sister, Anna Maria. Jacobina and her husband, Wilhelm Friedrich Mosetter, settled in Queensland.