The Floris of Schopfheim are, perhaps, the oldest Flori family in Germany, going back to the late sixteenth century. In a section of town called Fahrnau, there was an enclave of Huguenots, and this is where the Floris lived. As you travel north from Schopfheim to Birkenau, there are five or six towns with Floris in them, and it would be tempting to speculate that they all came ultimately from Schopfheim. At this point, however, no direct connection can be made. The first Floris in Birkenau, for example, all descended from Hans Flori, who immigrated to that area around 1650. Hans, however, seems to have come from Switzerland, not Schopfheim, although he may have had relatives there. Still, any history of the Flory family in Germany must seriously consider the Floris of Schopfheim.

There was one other Flori living in Schopfheim (Hans) at the same time that Gerg Flori (1552-1627) was. However, after having one son, this Hans seems to have disappeared from the city.