When we were constructing the FLORY/FLORA/FLOREY/FLOREA/FLORI GENEALOGY site, it became apparent that there were additional early Flory lines in the Southern states that were not a part of any existing group, including that of the A Line. These lines all appear to be of English rather than German or Swiss ancestry. The Southern line that has been researched the most thoroughly is that of the "Tidewater" Florys, whose Virginia ancestor appears to have emigrated from Currituck Co., North Carolina.  Previosuly, the earliest known member of this family is a Lazarus Flora, who died in 1778 in Currituck Co., North Carolina.  His wife's name was Elener, and he had four known children, Lazarus, Richard, William, and Elizabeth.  Who his father was is speculative at this point, but based on local records, Donna O'Malley suggests that it was an earlier LAZARUS FLOWER, possible son of a JOHN FLOWER, who perhaps was an immigrant from England or a migrant from either Maryland or some other part of Virginia .  Please see her introduction below.    If you are interested in following up on Currituck County history or genealogical resources, a good site to search is Currituck County Web Site. The line that is presented here comes from several sources.  Donna O'Malley, a descendant of William Flora, contributed his portion of the line. She can be contacted at donnafomalley@yahoo.com.