The following genealogy of the Flury family of Welsh Harp, descended from Robert Florey, was contributed by Bill Flory,  editor of the Flory, Flora, Florey, Fleury Newsletter. The name Welsh Harp refers to a Public House (Inn) which stood on the bank of a large reservoir (lake) in the North West London area of Hendon / Kingsbury. The lake is harp shaped and called The Welsh Harp - hence the name of the pub. All of the genealogical information below ultimately comes from Susan Goodenough, who, for a while, was editor of the Florey Newsletter in England. It is the genealogy of one side of her family, who, interestingly enough, married into another Florey family. To see that family, check into the Sir Howard Florey page on this website at Genealogy of Sir Howard Florey.