Of the Flory/Flora families currently in Australia, several are descended from the line of related Flory families who grew up in Sankt Ilgen in Germany. In 1855, Johann Heinrich, known as “Henry” to his descendants, immigrated to Australia aboard a ship named the Catteaux Wattel. Accompanying him were his wife, Eva Catharina Braun, his sister, Anna Maria, and her husband, Friedrich Stecher, and his cousins, Johann Jacob Flory and Jacobina Flory and their spouses, Margaretha Henrietta Braun and Wilhelm Friedrich Mosetter. The genealogy below is an abbreviated one and is limited to the descendants of Johann Jacob Flory and Anna Maria. I have truncated the ancestral chart for the Sankt Ilgen Florys, to include only those who were direct ancestors of Johann Jacob and Anna Maria. The charts were provided by Noelene Flory and Eunice Fletcher. If you wish to see the complete German ancestral genealogy, click on http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~florey/stilgen.html. As we receive information about other descendants of the Catteaux Wattel group, we will post them as separate lines.

Although the father of the founder of the Sankt Ilgen Florys was a Johann Flori of Nussloch, Germany, who married in 1718. This Flori of Nussloch may in turn have been a descendant of Englehardt Flori, the Elder, of Wiesloch of the D-Line and ultimately related to Hans Flori of the E-Line. At this point, though, the connection is speculative.

At one time it was thought that Sir Howard Florey, the pioneer in penicillin work and a winner of the Nobel prize in medicine might have been a member of this family, he is not. His father was born in Standlake, England and is a member of the Standlake line of Floreys.